<p>The best thing I liked about being at Monroe was going to the community football and hockey games.</p> <p>Monroe Harding gave me a future.</p> <p>I know that Monroe Harding is not an ordinary program and that youth can benefit and go on and succeed in life and become whatever you want.</p> <p>I liked meeting new and extraordinary people.</p> <p>We teach by showing children how healthy families work.</p> <p>Before Monroe Harding, I thought ‘Why should I care, no one else cares?’ Now I know there are people who care.</p> <p>What you give is important! What you get in return is satisfaction for a lifetime!<br>– Foster parent</p> <p>The best thing about Monroe to me is the staff.</p> <p>The staff showed me what real friends are – how to treat others with respect and that there is another kind of life for me out there.</p> <p>The best thing I liked about being at Monroe was going to the community football and hockey games.</p> <p>If it wasn’t for Monroe Harding, I would have been on the streets having no mind of my own.</p> <p>Being able to cook your own food, going to public school, not being locked down and going on an outing was the best thing.</p> <p>Monroe Harding gave me a future.</p> <p>I gave them hell and they gave me heaven.</p> <p>Every child needs a faithful fan, especially in a losing season.</p> <p>Monroe Harding acted like a parent to me. They taught me how to be socially and morally responsible.</p>


It’s about Trauma Informed Care!  We have redesigned our residential programs – both our on campus Cooperative Living for young men 16 to 18 and Independent Living which provides apartments and services to young men and women 18 to 23. 

Over the past three years, Monroe Harding has strengthened our organization and deepened the impact we have for the children and youth we serve. Redesigning our programs based on childhood traumas means that our staff members and systems must be Trauma Informed and Resiliency Focused. MH is excited to affirm its commitment to the wellbeing and long term success of our emerging young adults and children in foster care. 

As part of this commitment, we are recruiting caring individuals who see hope in the life of every youth and are willing and able to commit to trauma informed work. Want to learn more about the positions for which we are recruiting? Go to www.cnm.org.

As we continue to transform the agency to help more and more children, we invite you to continue to partner with us! To learn about ways to help, click here or email Laura Ward, Manager of Volunteers and P/R, lauraward@monroeharding.org.

Monroe Harding does for kids in foster care what a family would do. We provide security, support and give young people a chance for success and we have been doing it for 121 years.

Our programs include:

Foster Care Services provide children and teens a safe, secure and loving home until they can go home or achieve permanency through adoption. The array of foster care services includes recruiting and training our generous foster parents, ensuring the children in our care are making academic gains, have good health care, and are prepared for reunification with their family or the transition to loving adoptive parents.

Cooperative Living Program provides a progressively independent level of living as youth mature and acquire new skills. Beyond the basics of food and shelter, this program provides education, vocational training, life skills, spiritual formation, health and wellness activities, and - most importantly- the support and guidance of a caring adult.

Independent Living provides a safe place for youth to live as they transition into the community. The young people live in homes off campus and benefit from Monroe Harding guidance and regularly scheduled counseling.

Youth Connections is a resource center for young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who are in or have previously been in foster care. The center acts as a family support system, helping young adults achieve independence.